Tactical Style Accessories for your Airguns





Lower Grip Mount

Lower Grip Mount allows for the use of any AR platform grip. It also increases the ridigity of the frame for more consistent and accurate shots.

The Guard also allows easy access to the trigger for replacement or resizing (for winter gloves)

Specifications With Aftermarket Grips

Butt Stock

The Butt Stock is a more ridgid replacement for the stock part. It's easily installed and allows for the installation of our custom monopod


Muzzle Brake

The Condor Muzzle Brake is designed to fit over a barrel no larger than .630"/16mm in diameter held securely with a grub/set screw. They do NOT fit inside the frame.This Brake is machined with ports that really reduce movement yes even on an air rifle.

The Blackworks Talon Muzzle Brake is not ported and fits the inside diameter of the frame.

Designed to replace the stick end cap it gives your AF Talon a finished look like no other!

Both Muzzle Brakes comes in two end profiles: Round Sides (shown in the left) or Flat Sides (shown in the right).

Both Muzzle Brakes are also machined from 6061 T6 Aircraft grade Aluminum and anodized with a flat black type 2 military spec. finish.



The Precision Blackworks Monopod allows for coarse and fine adjustment of elevation while maintaining windage. Between the Monopod body and the Foot sits a precision bearing for smooth and accurate adjustments.

Coarse cleats on the foot prevent unwanted movement while adjusting.


Fluted Barrel Sleeve

The fluted barrel sleeve fits the standard .630" Dia. or 16mm diameter barrels